Cute & Charming Dangling Belly Ring

Do you have a belly button piercing? Check out our "CC Cute & Charming Dangling Belly Ring"

This belly ring features a beautiful Cute & Charming  Crystal Charm that dangles beneath the barbell. It looks so elegant and creates a dazzle of light when hit by sunshine and other lights. It is flexible to wear at any time and on any occasion. You will be proudly rocking this amazing and trendy,  piercing jewelry!

Made with surgical grade stainless steel curved barbell. 

Dazzling and shiny design

Fine Craftsmanship & Safe Material: The bellbar is crafted from 316L  Implant grade surgical stainless steel which is the highest possible grade for implant jewelry. Our jewelry are meticulously disinfected and inspected after design. This process is tedious and expensive, but this is the standard set to deliver the best products possible to you.

Hand-checked carefully before packaging and sending out. 

Beautiful and exquisite package; an excellent gift for you or someone else.